Reinforcement PhaseEdit

This happens at the start of every turn. A player counts the number of territories he or she owns (including region bonuses), and collects the amount of troops they are eligable for. They then place them on the board.

Risk Cards must also be traded in at this part of a player's turn.

Attack PhaseEdit

This is the part of a player's turn when the player attacks enemy territories, and attempts to capture them. A player may continue to attack until they see fit to stop, or they are depleated to such a small number of troops, that there is no possible way for them to continue attacking.

Receiving a Risk CardEdit

When a player decides to stop attacking, they check whether they are eligable for a Risk Card. If that player has conquered a territory, then they may collect a card.

Fortification PhaseEdit

This is the end of a player's turn. They may fortify troops form one territory to a neighbouring territory, as long as at least one troop stays behind.