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Hasbro: RiskEdit

Learn about Risk from Hasbro, the company that owns the rights to it, and all the other Parker Brother Board Games. A great place to find strategies, and the diferent types of Risk editions available.

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Risk: The Board GameEdit

Go here to learn more about the Board Game, including rules, gameplay, and about the board itself.

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Related WikisEdit

Monopoly WikiEdit

Arguably the most famous board game ever, also created by the Parker Bros. drop in to learn more about the game, and while your at it why not give a contribution or two?

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Cluedo WikiEdit

Known as Clue in America, this is another well known game which makes up part of the Parker Bros. franchise. This wiki is relatively new, and needs your help!

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Other FriendsEdit

RollerCoaster Tycoon WikiEdit

And official friend of Matt 20 1. If you are familiar with this game, and would like to share your wisdom, drop us a line. We're always looking for new editors to help build our community.

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