Fortification is the process of moving one or more troops from one territory to another. Both territories must be under your control.

Rules of FortifyingEdit

  • In standard Risk, the two countries that you’re fortifying must be connected by your own colour.
  • A player may move any number of troops from one territory to the other, as long as at least one remains (no territory may be left abandoned).
  • A player is only allowed one fortification per turn.

Star Wars RiskEdit

  • In Star Wars Risk, when a player fortifies, the two planets do not have to be adjacent, but there must be an unbroken path between the two of planets you control. i.e. you may fortify from any one planet to another, but you may only fortify through your own territory.
  • A player may also fortify one ship. This doesn't nessassarily have to be from the same planet as the troop fortification, but the same rules apply. A player is only entitled to one troop and one ship fortification at a time.

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