Standard 6-Sided Dice

Dice are used to determine which player wins a battle. Each die represents one troop (max of 3 for attacking/ 2 for defending in a roll.) The players roll the dice, and the numbers are compared. The highest goes with he highest and the lowest goes with the next lowest. This cannot be changed. For every die beaten, a player looses a troop. A player can retreat from a battle at any point, however this must be before any dice are thrown.

How Dice WorkEdit


When attacking, players use 3 dice (or 2 or 1, depending on the number of troops in a battle) in a roll. Attackers lose draws, but have more of a chance winning a roll.


When defending, players get to use two dice (or one if there is only one troop in the battle) in a roll. Defenders always wins draws. For example, if red (attacking) rolled a 3 and blue (defending) rolled a 3, then blue would win, and red would lose a troop.

Different Types of DiceEdit

6-Sided DiceEdit

They are the dice found with most board games. They are numbered 1-6 and are the dice used primarily in all Risk games.

8-Sided DiceEdit

These dice only appear in special versions of Risk (For example, Star Wars Risk). They are numbered 1-8 and strategically give the advantage to the user.


Standard 8-sided Die

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